"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                    - XIV international Elbrus Race 2019

September 16 - September 20 2019

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How Elbrus Race 2006 was carried out

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New outstanding record at Elbrus Race


Results 2006

"Extreme" class. Route: Azau (2400 m) — Elbrus West Top (5642 m)






Azau 2400







1 Denis Urubko Kazakhstan 73 2 6:03:28 7:16:00 8:27:00 9:28:21 9:59:26 3:55:58 1
2 Kerimov Alexander Kyrgyzstan 81 12 6:03:28 7:32:00 8:52:00 10:02:32 10:38:11 4:34:43 2
3 Seliverstov Serguey Kyrgyzstan 79 17 6:03:28 7:42:00 9:25:00 10:56:10 11:53:12 5:49:44 3
4 Surmonin Serguey Russia 68 5 6:03:28 7:35:00 9:26:00 11:25:30 12:26:06 6:22:38 4


«Classic» . Route: Garabashi (3708 m) — Elbrus West top (5642 m)

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Elbrus Race 2006 movie

ELBRUS RACE 2006. part 1

 ELBRUS RACE 2006. part 2

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ER-2006 Marshals

The team of marshals , by which efforts ELBRUS RACE 2006 was done excellent!!

  • Shustrov Nikolai - the organizer and coordinator of Elbrus Race, party " balyberdinskogo " race Elbrus ( Barrels - East is complete. ) In 1990, with the result 2ch.12min . ( 5th place)
  • Vitaly Balyukin - member of the legendary marathon on Elbrus ( in 197_ , he climbed Elbrus from the Upper Baksan for ___ hours , and the length was 42 km marschruta !)
  • Vladimir Suviga - legendary climber legendary Army team of Kazakhstan (2 times the word " legendary " - is entirely appropriate here ! !)
  • Master of Sports Tatyana Timoshenko just returned from Uzunkol , where she worked as an instructor at the assembly - and then joined the staff of friendly judges . Tatiana once participated in a race on Mount Elbrus in picking female Himalayan team.
  • Dmitry Drachyov and Alexey Gorbatenkov worked at last year's race : Drachyov on the saddle , Gorbatenkov - on top. Over the past 5 years, Alexei Gorbatenkova have done about 30 Elbrus climbs!
  • Eugene Kolchanov by his own hands built a hut on Elbrus "Maria" recently and helps a lot in race paper work
  • Valera Shamalo and Alexander Basenko - Instructors and Masters of Sports in mountaineering

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The names of the sportsmen who have registered to take part in Elbrus Race (speed climbing) on September, 14 in this class are well known all over the world and the results of their achievements are given in the information resources (Internet sites, sports magazines, television programs), who publish materials about their unique physical opportunities and exceptional virtue.

  • Nicolas Tomyanin (St-Petersburg)
  • Denis Urubko (Almaty)
  • Andrey Puchinin (Almaty)
  • Sergey Surmonin (Moscow)
  • Svetlana Sharipova (Almaty)
  • Christian Stangl (Austria)


Denis Urubko (Almaty)

Denis Urubko (Almaty) is one of the strongest high mountaineers in Kazakhstan, a World class athlete, who has climbed the peaks of ten of 14 eight thousand meters high mountains of our planet, not using additional oxygen – Everest, Lkhotze, the Hidden Peak, Gasherbrum II (the speed climbing for 7 hours 30 minutes and the descent for 4 hours), Kanchendzhangu, Shisha Pangmu, Nanga Parbat, the Broad Peak (2 ascensions, one of which was made by the new route on the South-West wall in tandem in the Alpine style, this ascension was nominated for Golden Ice Axe as one of the best ascensions in 2005), Annapurnu, Manaslu (2 ascensions, one of which was made by the new route in tandem in the Alpine style in spring 2006). He has received the title of Snow Leopard (he fulfilled the program (i.e. climbed to 5 seven thousand meters high mountains) during one season). In 2000 he became the winner of the speed climbing to the peak of Khan Tengri (7010 m), it took him 7 hours 40 minutes to climb to the peak and together with the descent it took him 12 hours 21 minutes. He has become a winner in the speed climbing competitions to the peaks of Amangelda, Abay and Nursultan for many times.

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