"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                       - XII international Elbrus Race 2017

September 02 - September 10 2017

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21 Сент 2010 утро

Сегодня в 11-00 был дан старт от Бочек. Задача спортсменов - подняться за 2 часа до верхней части скал Пастухова, где находится судейский пункт.

Трое спортсменов - Коршунов Борис Степанович, а также двое азербайджанцев опоздали на старт. Судьи приняли решение дать им возможность стартовать на 20 мин позже, и соответственно, отодвинуть им допустимое время финиша.

Погода отличная, но выше Приюта сильно дует. Ночью у нас на Бочках разорвало ветром несколько баннеров.

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20 Sept 2010

See first pictures from VI International Elbrus Race!!

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20 Sept 2010

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony started at the meadow Azau about 12-00. Participants were welcomed by the organizers Nikolai Shustrov and Elena Laletina. President of the Mountaineering Federation of the CBR Abdulhahim Elmezov said. that that event is very important for the Caucasus, and especially for Elbrus region. Representatives of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the CBR to the opening ceremony could not come, but his greetings delivered by phone. Chief Marshal and Honored Master of Sports Vladimir Shopin introduced marshals crew. Flags of participating countries - Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, USA fluttered on the beautiful Caucasus skyline. Lacked the flag of Kazakhstan and Estonia, although the Kazakh athletes and one climber from Estonia takes part in the Race.

Participants and the marshals climb up on the barrel. At present there are 43 participants. Seven more are going to register tomorrow. Banners of our sponsors
decorate starter town at the Barrels. The weather is fine. Tomorrow the start of qualifying lifting at 11 am. See You!.
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20 Sept 2010


Marshals's team arrived to the Elbrus region on September 18. Yesterday we go to acclimatize to Cheget. Under Cheget shoulde we met last year's champion of  Elbrus Race - Sergey Fursov. He led a group to Cheget. In the evening gathered in the Elba hotel. Participants are actively preparing for the race. Sergei Surmonin and Boris S. Korshunov have the night on the Saddle. Marslals Vitaly Balyukin and Victor Kamenskih few days ago did a great route on Elbrus and also spent the night on the Saddle (they were forced to spend the night in a hut, because of bad weather. That mean they used the Saddle hut exactly as it was built for!!! They both were very happy of that night).

American Charles and Indonesian Dody also acclimatized - climbed up to Priyut11.

Information on the opening event: the opening will be held at the the same  place (uner old Azau ski lift station) on 20 September at 11 o'clock.

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