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                                       - XII international Elbrus Race 2017

September 02 - September 10 2017

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The qualifying race on September 7
Elbrus pleased us with a perfect weather - the sun, no wind, warm. Applications for the competition were taken till 10-30. A total of  38 athletes were registered at
V international Elbrus Race.

In qualifying race, according to the regulations, only those athlets who applyed for class "Classical" participated . Today, the challenge to reach Pastukhov rocks, where the Marshalls fixed finish, no more than two and a half hours. It's not too difficult for those who day after tomorrow is going to run to the Western summit of Mount Elbrus. But thanks to this short, but the rapid rise of the judges may see the real sports training participants, as well as the right to organize active acclimatization.

Chief Marshall Vladimir Shopin listened to all the questions from the participants, explained the nuances. The mood in athletes spirits. Some run in running shoes (up to Pastukhova quite soft snow), while others in the cat.
The judges came from Bochek to its position at 9-30. The first party started in 11-00, reached the finish line as early as 12-06! It was Mikhail Klimov. After the participants had finished in a rather busy schedule.
At 15-00 on the barrel, where the athletes were already down and noted the minutes of the judiciary, took the overall construction. The judges congratulated the participants on the successful launch of the qualification, and the representative of the sponsor of the competition - the company BASK - Larissa Martynkina presented gifts to all participants - down jackets. All were wearing beautiful yellow and red jackets, and the barrels were bright and cheerful.
Minutes published on the site qualification competitions>>

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09.09.2009 - timeline of the day

16:11 Barrels

All marshals and participants descended to the Barrels!! Everybody are safe and happy! V international Elbrus Race - completed successfully! Thank's to the participants and Marshals !!!!!

Preliminary results have already been published here: Extreme Classic

14:30 Barrels:

A last team of  Marshals descended to Pastukhov rocks! Marshals from the Pastukhova rocks with participants already descend to the Barrels.

13:55 Saddle

All competitors descend from the saddle. Marshals packed tent and also started to descend. There is a light sleet, visibility is satisfactory.

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V International ELBRUS RACE results. New record on Classic route.

Press release

Saint Petersburg, Sep.14, 2009

Elbrus accepted the fifth annual International ELBRUS RACE competitions very graciously: the weather was picturesque in the day of qualification race and in the main race day. The athletes have a real pleasure to work on a good track. 38 people have applied to participate. These were the guys from Russia, Ukraine, Bielorusssia, Czech Republic and Italy.

With financial assistance of the general sponsor of the competition — BASK company — and prize fund, provided by the Anatoly Boukreev Memorial Fund, Elbrus Race is not only successful now, but was able to significant development.

For the fifth year we run the race on Mount Elbrus, and each time the competition differ from each other. Different athletes, mood, a different shape training and the circumstances of the event. This year, for example, the opening day of competition, it was appeared that the cableway does not work. Therefore, during all the competitions it was only possible to go by foot or by car to reach the Barrels (3708 m). On the way to the Caucasus, the organizers got call from one of the main contenders for victory in the «Extreme» Roman Gubanov. He said he would not be able to take part in the race, having problems with his foot. There were also calls from two high-altitude judges too sudden, circumstances did not allow them to come to the competition. Therefore, at the opening, we were a bit worried, but soon realized that to no avail: an application for «Extreme» showed a great list of participants — 9 athletes instead of usual 3-4. Some of them tried to force there, while others who were already familiar with the route, hoped to improve their results. Since judging team, too, everything turned out well.

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Statistics of best results International ELBRUS RACE during 5 years

In Brazil, there is not just football fans. There are fans of ELBRUS RACE as well! One of them, the famous statistician climbing Rodrigo Granzotto Peron sent us the finished table top results of our competitions up to five years.


Women ("Classic", 3708 - 5642 m)

01 Svetlana Sharipova (Kazakhstan) 3h21m (2006)
02 Ekaterina Andreeva (Kyrgyzstan) 3h41m (2007)
03 Maria Hitrikova (Ukraine) 3h48m (2009)
04 Oksana Novak (Russia) 4h26m (2006)
05 Anna Petrova (Russia) 4h38m (2008)
06 Natalia Kurakina (RUS) 4h42m (2009)

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There are new  photos Elbrus Race 2009 posted recently!!!

107 selected photos you can look in our site gallery.
498 + photos can be viewed on
(In the tags marked with the authors of Photo: Nikolai Plotnikov, Igor Novak, Dmitry (from Volgograd) and Nicholas Shustrov)
+ In - Group Elbrus Race - posted a remarkable photo essay by Anna Gerasimova: "Looking the part"
but here you can see all her photos of the race 09/09/09: #

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22.12.2009 Congratulations to Vitaly Shkel and Anton Proschenko

Congratulations to international Elbrus Race 2009 participants Vitaly Shkel and Anton Proschenko with remarkable results shown during the 11 race at Amangeldy!

"Memorial" - so now is called  the annual race on Amangeldy, which is held for 11 years, and was founded in honor and in memory of Anatoly Bukreev.

December 19 early in the morning to the headquarters tent team «MT sport» call for mass registration of participants and high-speed ascent on peak Amangeldy race, which was established 11 years ago and was dedicated to the memory of Anatoly Bukreeva. At the opening of the organizer Victor Klyuchnikov told the crowd that now this event is called "Memorial" and dedicated to the memory of those killed in the mountains. President of the Federation of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Kazbek Valiev greeted the participants, which was about fifty, and recalled that in the tract Tuyuksu Memorial was built in 1999, that the Kazakhstani from mountaineering, there are traditions and one of them - to remember the people who did not return to climbing, race. Among the participants were Russian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh climbers, as well as older veterans of the sport from Almaty club marathon. For the fifth time in the race participated Vladimir Kovalchuk, who said he loved the mountains and enjoys such events, and Sergei Klimov, do not miss a single race, admitted that for him a meeting with nature.

The first  to reach
peak was Vitaly Shkel from Samara, his time is 1 hour 23 min. Record Denis Urubko - 1 hour 18 min. being not broken (2004). Rafael Faizullin was the second reached the finish , his time is 1h. 25 min. 44 sec. (Almaty). In third place was Anton Proschenko from Omsk, his time of 1h. 26 min. 37 sec. In women, the first was Anastasia Ehno
(1 hour and 59 minutes., Bishkek), followed by Maria Popova (Bishkek), the third Nina islands (Almaty).

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