"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                       - XII international Elbrus Race 2017

September 02 - September 10 2017

Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)


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BASK is 20 y.o.

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30 years ago on May 4 1982

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Boris Korshunov again at Himalaya!!

Permanent competitor of International Elbrus Race Boris Korshunov in his nearly 77 years went to the Himalayas to climb to the summit height 7500 m. Unfortunately, he could not pronounce its name. Boris is enthusiastic and confident of success. In August/September 2012, he is going to take part in the race to Elbrus. Good luck Boris!
See a short film by Vladimir Kochurova dedicated to Boris:


Filmed during the IV Elbrus Race - 2008.
Boris Stepanovich showed during the race to Elbrus his best time is 4h 16min 03 sec from Barrels Refuge till  Western Elbrus

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Schedule 2012

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